Kitten Bottle Feeding Class

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EUGENE, Ore. — Kitten season is quickly approaching and Saturday, some foster parents prepared for it by taking a pet parenting class at the Greenhill Humane Society.

About 20 people signed up for the class at the humane society, which taught them everything from how to bottle feed a kitten to how to burp them after feeding.

Greenhill says lots of kittens are born this time of year and they need foster families to help care for the cats and this class is meant to equip them with the knowledge to do so.

People in the class today say they went in with questions and came out eager to care for kittens. They say they want to be able to help the humane society care for the kittens and eventually help them find a home.

“It was very informative with everything you needed to know. I think I’m good now. I’ve got notes. I’ve got papers. Now I get kittens and we’ll see how it works,” said Margo Slaughter, a volunteer at Greenhill and a future foster parent.

This is the first time Greenhill has had this class and they expect to have a couple more this year.

The class on Saturday was offered to Greenhill and First Avenue volunteers and staff only but Greenhill says they hope to have a couple more this season for the general public.

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