Landfill Methane Plant Celebrates 20 Years

By Chris Curtis

EUGENE, Ore. — The Short Mountain Landfill is celebrating its 20th anniversary of methane gas being converted to electricity.

Within that 20 years, garbage has produced more than 32 million kilowatt hours.

The conversion project began in 1991 and was paid for in about seven years.

In 2011, the plant had its best year to date.

“We actually had our best year as production overall in kilowatt hours per use. The main reasons for that is just a few years of implementing new designs that work, working with the county and doing a better job of placing garbage to where it replaces gas a little quicker for us,” said Plant Operator Doug Hoover.

In 2011, Short Mountain produced over 23.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity, which is enough to power 15,000 homes a year.

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