Landslide Shuts Down Highway 126 near Vida

January 20, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

Near VIDA, Ore. — A landslide shut down a major highway Thursday evening.

Highway 126 at milepost 34, right past Vida is closed.

A number of flaggers were positioned along the highway.

Rocks could be heard falling near the slide.

Dirt has been cleared off the roadway, but ODOT says it believes the slide is about 150 feet wide along the side of the rocky hill.

It was very hard for crews to see what the slide is doing because of the dark, so ODOT says closing the road was its only option.

“The whole hillside is saturated. We’ve got some trees and weight on top of the slide, and we have a lot of debris flow that is coming down, and we don’t want translate coming through if the slide at that moment decides it’s going to come across,” said Tammy Trenholm from ODOT.

ODOT says the highway to Blue River was closed overnight.

It says an expert in rock and dirt will be there Friday to assess the slide and its danger to travelers.

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