Lane County 4-H Holds Tack Sale

Tack SaleEUGENE, Ore. — After losing a couple years of the program, Lane County 4-H leaders are hoping this year’s Tack Sale will bring in some much needed funding.

The event took place at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene. More than 50 vendors from around Oregon came to sell tack, which is a term used for horse supplies.

Lane County 4-H is back for their first full year since the program was shut off in 2010, due to lack of money.

Leaders say they’re excited to be back, but there’s still a lot of work to do, to rebuild the program.

“Some of our equipment didn’t make it through the off time,” says Jean Sirotek, a 4-H Leader. “So, now we have to go out and replace equipment, we need to raise money to pay for our judges, and awards for the kids.”

The tack sale is one of Lane County 4-H biggest fundraisers. Usually about 1,000 people pass through.

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