Lane County Annex Building to be Demolished

EUGENE, Ore. — A county building that’s been an eyesore for neighboring businesses is coming down.

The Lane County Annex Building on 6th and Oak Street used to house public health and parole and probation.

Facility managers say the building is full of hazardous material, so they decided to demolish it.

Neighboring businesses say they’d like to see it replaced with something useful, like a parking structure.

“Parking has been a problem for a long time, and I think with all the improvements that have been done at the 5th Street Public Market with the shop on the corner here they could bring more people downtown, more conveniently and really promote what’s happening,” said Andrea owner Andrea Dean.

Demolition should be done by August 8.

The county will take bids from potential developers to lease the site later this summer.

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