Lane County Approves Pre-Audit

EUGENE, Ore. — Former Lane County administrator Liane Richardson is back in the spotlight.

The Lane County Board of Commissioners have given the interim administrator permission to conduct a pre-audit after new allegations surfaced.

During the next several weeks, Interim County Administrator Alicia Hays will assemble an internal team to conduct a pre-audit. The team will be looking at expense reports, purchasing cards and communication between Richardson and department heads.

Commissioners are concerned about recent allegations involving Richardson, the deferred compensation committee and an inappropriate relationship with a Eugene police officer. Commissioner Sid Leiken says they’re not targeting anyone specific.

“I’m not interested or had an idea that there’s specific people, but just I’m more interested in the operation as a whole, making sure there’s a clean slate before the new administrator comes on board,” said Sid Leiken, Lane County Commissioner.

The board also requested that Hays look into ways the county can prevent problems like these from happening in the future.

Leiken also mentioned there’s no difference between an audit and a pre-audit. He says the board budgeted for an auditor, but this is something commissioners would like to do ahead of time before the auditor comes on board.

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