Lane County Board Talks Pay

EUGENE, Ore. — Talks are moving forward in the search for the replacement for ousted Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson.

On Tuesday, the Lane County Board of Commissioners talked about how much pay should be offered for the position. The board brought in an outside consultant via phone to present research done regarding the average pay for like positions in surrounding areas.

“We typically look at organizations which have similarities to the county and which the county would compete for talent,” said Louis Messer, a consultant from Fox Lawson.

Ultimately, the board asked the consultant to do more research. And since, Alicia Hayes will continue to serve as the interim county administrator during the search, the board requested that a contract be drafted with a salary increase of up to 10 percent, as suggested by the consultant.

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  1. Tank Commander says:

    I went to the Fox Lawson web page, they aren’t even from around here. They appear to be based in Arizona. Would it just be too much sense to ask the voters just how much they can afford to pay for a county manager? I really don’t care what they are paying other county managers, it’s about time pay raises went to public votes and not letting the decisions be made by those being paid.

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