Lane County Economy Slowly Recovers

EUGENE, Ore. — Two record breaking days in a row for the stock market; the Dow Jones Industrial average finished at a new high again Wednesday.

The recent success of the stock market got many people wondering exactly what that meant for Oregon’s economy.

Jaymon Yi, of Roehl and Yi Investment Advisors says the Dow Jones record high was a strong sign that the nation’s economy is recovering. He also says it should give consumers more confidence about this year’s economy.

Lane County has not seen the same economic boost that the country is getting. According to Yi, unemployment has hindered the local economy.

Yi says companies that don’t rely heavily on a Lane County revenue base are the ones growing fastest in our community. He says things are getting better, but there’s still room for improvement.

“I think people have to be cautiously optimistic,” Yi said. “I still think equity investors can expect high returns, but the reality is we’re expecting more volatility this year than we’ve seen in the last couple.”

There are some positive signs for the local economy; the Lane County housing market is as strong as it’s ever been since the housing crisis five years ago.

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  1. Postone says:

    Yeah maybe you knuckleheads have finally figured out that you need to start saving and investing instead of the spend, spend, and spend some more status quo in the past five decades or so….

    I won’t hold my breath….

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