Lane County Fair a Reunion for Attendees

EUGENE, Ore. — The gates at the Lane County Fair have closed, marking the end of day two.

The rides were again running, and smiles were plentiful, but for many, the fair has a much deeper meaning than just fun and food.

Roger Wofford took over his father’s food stand in the 1960s. He still runs it, making the caramel apples from scratch.

Wofford says he’s watched the fair evolve over the last five decades. Back in the ’60s, it was more burgers and hot dogs. Now there’s a wide variety of food.

While many things, including the rides, seem to have changed, there’s one thing he says stays the same: The joy he gets coming back here year after year and catching up with all the friends he’s made over the years.

“All my friends are here some place. When I come to this fair, I meet Dottie Chase. I meet other people here that I only see one time a year. We’re all part of a big family if you come right down to it,” Wofford said.

Wofford says working the fair isn’t actually as lucrative as it used to be. In the ’60s, fair management didn’t care how much you made. Now he says they require a percentage.

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