Lane County Fair Draws Crowds

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EUGENE, Ore. — A gloomy start to the day didn’t stop people from heading out to the Lane County Fair on Saturday. Energy was high at the fair. From food to rides to animals, there was so much to see and do at the annual event.

Organizers said the fair has been around for about 150 years. While the location hasn’t always been the same, the tradition surrounding the fair has withstood both changes in place and the passing of time.

Organizers said each year they try to make the event better and better. This year, coordinators said the entertainment line-up is definitely a step up and a big help for drawing in the crowds, which is proven by the continued flow of fair patrons despite the heat.

“The evenings have been lovely. We’ve had great crowds this year,” said Rachel Bivens, Director of Marketing for Lane Events Center.

Fair-goer Eugene Walker said, “This is our first time at the Lane County Fair and we’re having a great time.”

Vendor David Sulmonetti said, “It’s a great fair.”

“I always like the animals. It’s always one of my favorite parts. I’ve never seen so many chickens,” said fair visitor Terri Walker.

Some fair-goers said they noticed that attendance numbers seemed a little low and that it’s probably because of the recent heat. They said they expect things to pick up as the sun goes down.

Coordinators, vendors and even fair-goers encouraged folks to come out and join the fun. Sunday is the last day of the fair.

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