Lane County Firefighters Return Home

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EUGENE, Ore. — Officials say the threat to homes has gone down and some crews who were responsible for protecting structures returned home.

Right around noon on Sunday, six Lane County fire crews returned from southern Oregon. They left home last Saturday to help battle the Douglas Complex wildfires. After some debriefing at the Goshen Fire Station, the guys hit the road to go home to their loved ones.

Task force leader, Dale Borland, said they were sent down to help with protecting structural fires.

They worked closely with the Oregon Department of Forestry and did all they could to help where they were needed. Borland said the work was physically draining, but his crew didn’t let that affect their progress.

“They had a great attitude; their spirits were up the entire time. A seven day run for us down there can be pretty fatiguing and they did stellar the whole time,” Borland said.

Borland says all the firefighters are relieved to be home, but would’ve gladly stayed if needed.

The firefighters are from Lane Fire Authority, Mohawk, Dexter, McKenzie, and Coburg. Many of them are volunteers.

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