Lane County Fleet Auction

EUGENE, Ore. – For those who’ve wanted to purchase an old sheriff’s car or service truck, the Lane County Fleet Auction starts Thursday.

Fleet services works together with the county, Eugene Water and Electric Board, Lane Transit District and other local entities to auction off miscellaneous government equipment.

On the auction block this year are cars, sheriff’s vehicles, gas and diesel pickups, SUVs and more. The fleet services says they offer great prices on high-quality items.

“We offer people really fair deals on vehicles. They’re not going to steal them, but they’re going to get a fair deal and hopefully it’s been one that we’ve taken really good care of and it’s going to last them a long time,” said Ron Gernhardt, Fleet Services Worker.

The auction started 15 years ago and has grown. In 2012, they sold over $1 million worth of items. The bidding starts tomorrow and goes through 3 p.m. on Saturday.

For more information click here or call (541) 682-8587.

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