Lane County Gains Armored Vehicles

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office has gained new military vehicles from a federal program.

The sheriff’s office gained five Highly Mobile Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles and one armored personnel vehicle. The vehicles were acquired through a federal program that loans military surplus items to agencies around the country.

No money from the county’s general fund was used to purchase the vehicles. Upkeep and maintenance of the vehicles will come from drug forfeiture funds.

Deputies have used the vehicles in high-risk drug-related warrant services, armed barricade subjects, armed suicidal subjects, and search and rescue missions.


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  1. Linda Center says:

    Are we expecting an invasion? Six heavily armored vehicles for a city the size of Eugene seems a little over the top. Also brings into question how the US military can afford to just hand these over when their budget has been cut so badly. We can’t keep prisoners in jail, but we can use confiscated money to maintain these? Hmmmm

  2. Hello says:

    Read the article, they belong to the Sheriffs Office, not the city of Eugene. The county is from the coast to the cascades and Coburg to Cottafe Grove. There’s a difference and people need to start figuring it out.

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