Lane County Holds Special Budget Meeting

EUGENE, Ore. – Lane County legislators will hold a special town meeting Monday night regarding Oregon’s budget problems.

Oregon Reps. Peter Buckley, Phil Barnhart, Paul Holvey, John Lively and Nancy Nathanson will be in attendance along with state Sens. Lee Beyer and Chris Edwards.

They legislators plan to discuss thoughts and ideas on Oregon’s budget, as well as take questions from the public.

The meeting is from 6-8 p.m. at the Lane Small Business Development Center, 101 West 10th Ave.

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  1. rick says:

    With your government crying over prisoner housing restrictions and the 2 tax increases -I am curious how the PD can afford 48 NEW VEHICLES and the bldg renovations scheduled…..????Creative paper juggling I suspect-or else the Lane County ole boy network is still lying to the taxpayers.. Kinda remind me of my stepmother who had $20 in purse but was still broke..I am sure that she still has the same ‘bill’ she started out with—-you wouldn’t happen to be related to her would you???

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