Lane County Immunization Deadline Close


EUGENE, Ore. — With Exclusion Day fast approaching, Lane County Public Health is urging parents to make sure their kids are up to date on their vaccinations.

Kids who aren’t current on their immunizations by February 19 won’t be able to go to school or daycare.

Last year, Lane County sent out more than 1800 letters to parents, whose kids weren’t up to date.

Lane County Public Health spokesman Jason Davis says getting your kids vaccinated benefits the entire community.

“That allows us to protect our community,” Davis said, “because those kids go back to their home and potentially spread diseases back at home to their parents who then spread them on and the list goes on and on.”

Davis says Lane County has a high number of people who don’t get their vaccinations.

For those claiming religious or non-medical exemptions, the deadline is still February 19th.

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