Lane County Investigates Chikungunya

MosquitoEUGENE, Ore. — Lane County is investigating more cases of the Chikungunya virus.

Public health officials say a Eugene man contracted the virus from a mosquito bite, while visiting the Caribbean, and now it’s investigating at least two more cases.

The most common symptoms are fever, aches and pains, and a rash that’s similar to the measles.

Chikungunya isn’t deadly and is treated through hydration and rest.

Experts also say there aren’t many ways the virus can spread.

“The mosquito actually has the virus and its one specific type of mosquito and then they bite someone one and then you develop it, you can’t spread it from human to human contact,” said Jason Davis, Lane County Public Health spokesman.

Davis says there have been about 80 to 90 confirmed cases of chikungunya in the U.S. in the last six months.

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