Lane County Looks to Update Hazard Mitigation Prep Plan

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County says it learned some lessons after January’s floods, and it’s looking to prevent the damage from being as widespread next time.

Every five years, Lane County Emergency Management submits a plan to FEMA.  The emergency agency approved the plan, pending approval from county commissioners, which is expected to be discussed Wednesday.

The importance of the plan is that it allows Lane County to access federal funding for hazard mitigation projects.

After the recent floods, the county says there are a lot of agencies that could benefit from mitigation projects.

Without a plan, there is no funding available for projects.

The purpose of the plan is to lessen the impact of hazards when they strike, touching on everything from specific building codes to land use and planning.

Here’s some infornation that’s in the plan on mitigating flooding:

“Upsizing culverts and cleaning out our storm water drainage systems, taking a look at high water locations on our roadways and just understanding the different essential facilities that are in the floodway,” said Lane County Emergency Manager Linda Cook.

The plan also takes a look at zoning and ordinance requirements.

The county says it’s always looking for public comment about how to make the plan better, and it is also looking at revising the plan on a more regular basis rather than the every five years required by FEMA.

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