Lane County Mulls Over Tax Levy

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EUGENE, Ore. — Would you support a tax levy to help fund the Lane County Sheriff’s Office? Primarily the jail?

The sheriff’s office is asking that question of residents here.

The sheriff’s office released some information to the media Monday with details of what a tax levy might fund if passed by voters.

It says the median assessed property value in Lane County is $151,500. That means if a levy of $1.28 were passed, the average homeowner would pay $194 a year. That’s about $3.73 a week. For a 50-cent levy: about $1.46 a week.

Examples of funding–for $3.73 a week, the jail could open up all 507 beds and run at full capacity, patrol sections could be increased, and there could be deputies on duty 24 hours a day.

We tried to talk to the sheriff’s office Monday and were told the sheriff will likely hold a press conference Tuesday on this issue. A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office says it isn’t actively doing anything to get this on the ballot but that she hopes this starts a conversation.

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