Lane County Releases Pre-Audit

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EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County released its pre-audit report, which was prompted by the firing of former county administrator Liane Richardson. The Lane County Board of Commissioners requested the report after Richardson was fired to make sure they hadn’t missed anything.

The report is a pre-audit, but it was actually done about the same time as the county’s annual audit. It’s just a deeper look into specific areas.

Moss Adams presented its findings to the finance and audit committee this afternoon. The report looks at specific transactions relating to time management reports, purchase card transactions and expense reports. Out of more than 1,700 employees, only 26 were found to not be in compliance with time management policies.

The only instance of fraud was with Richardson, who sold more time than she was allowed.

“I don’t want to underplay this. We have some work to do and we can and will, but in the big picture of things we actually did pretty good,” said interim county administrator Alicia Hays.

All in all, there were no major incidents, but the report did reveal the need for stronger accountability and maybe some organizational restructuring. It was also suggested the county hire someone to specifically oversee the financial side of things, which hasn’t been done since the last person retired in January 1, 2013.

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