Lane County Search and Rescue Urges People to Play Safe in Water

May 19, 2012

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — In the wake of a drowning incident in Linn County on Friday, Lane County Search and Rescue crews took the opportunity to continue to warn residents how deadly the water currents can be.

Deputies said the strong river currents can be deceptive at a glance and urged folks to take serious caution when going out on the water.

While deputies couldn’t speak on the specifics of the situation in Linn County, they said it’s nothing they aren’t familiar with.

They called it a terrible story and one that continues to play out over time in this warm weather. It’s a scenario they said never gets any easier either.

Search and Rescue Coordinator John Miller said, “It’s hard to put a spin on what they’re going through both emotionally and tactically out there, but anytime you have an adult and a child that are missing in the waterways it’s difficult. And when one stays missing, it’s even more difficult.”

Deputies said Lane County has historically had a strong history of people drowning, especially in the 1990s. One year they responded to 16 drowning incidents.

Lane County Search and Rescue said an increased effort to educate the public has brought down the high numbers immensely. Last year, the area only had one drowning.

They wanted to remind people, though, about the importance of wearing appropriate life jackets and always knowing the waters you’re heading to before jumping in.

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