Lane County to Consider Plaza Closure

EUGENE, Ore. — The battle over the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza will continue this week as the Lane County Board of Commissioners will hold a special session on Wednesday to discuss how they will deal with the growing protest site and its related problems.

The board is considering an emergency closure of the plaza for no more than four weeks in response to health and safety concerns. It will also be looking at changing county code in regard to how the plaza should be used.

To read the agenda and attached materials, click here.


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  1. curious says:

    the link to the agenda is not a link :/

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      Thank you for letting us know. Here is the link to the agenda: http://www.lanecounty.org/Departments/BCC/Documents/2013_AGENDAS/090413agenda/09-03_04-13viewagenda.pdf

  2. Michael Adams says:

    Please come and support us at the Council meeting! We are more than willing to move for there to be cleaning for an afternoon. We are allowed to be in the parks during the day and understand that cleaning needs to be done. However, closure of the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza for four(4) weeks is not constitutional as it will not allow the Plaza to be used for its purpose of free speech and protest.
    To counter this, the city council is trying to remove the “Free Speech” from the name of the Plaza. Not only is this going to anger some of the most important people in the city that were there for its un-veiling, but others will be extremely against it and unhappy as well.

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