Lane County to Deliver Budget Message

EUGENE, Ore. — More details about the proposed Lane County budget will be revealed Thursday evening.

The total budget is $466 million–down $34 million from the current year.

Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson will present her budget message to the budget committee. It’s titled “A Brighter Future.”

Richardson will outline the changes and steps being take to help address the county’s fiscal situation.

Projected revenue is down. County leaders say they saw this coming and are working to consolidate funds.

The loss of revenue comes from several areas including federal timber payments which decreased by almost $3.5 million.

The county is no stranger to budget problems, and because of that a county spokeswoman says with all the work they did last year with strategic planning the county has been able to see less cuts than it normally would.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office will also continue to take hits and even more, the county says, if it’s public safety levy doesn’t pass in the May Special Election.

The county says the main reduction in the general fund will be in the district attorney’s office.

“Five positions in the district attorney’s office, which is a couple prosecutors I believe an investigator and a legal secretary,” said Christine Moody, Budget and Financial Planning Manager for Lane County.

Richardson will also update the county’s strategic plan and innovate Lane County.

After the budget message presentation, the county will hold a public hearing at 7:30 p.m.

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  1. Postone says:

    I already don’t trust governments, and in light of Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson’s latest “lying greedy interlude” I would say I definitely wouldn’t believe a damn thing she said!

    You people never learn…

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