Lane Forest Products Offers Composting Services

EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — One of the largest recyclers in Lane County might not be a business you immediately think about.

Huge volumes of materials, once sent to landfills, are now sent to Lane Forest Products to be turned into valuable, reusable goods.

The company takes yard debris and makes it into compost–even custom mixes–that can be used back in your garden.

“It’s not an easy process. It’s a 12-week process, and it takes a lot of work to make it happen, and we try to put all those tools together so that we do put out a great product that people will, you know, want to put in their gardens,” said Commercial Sales Manager Tom Campbell.

Lane Forest Products says its service is cheap.

It’ll cost you $2.50 cents for a cubic yard of composted yard debris plus $5 a yard to drop it off.

The only thing Lane Forest Products won’t accept is anything with metal attached to it.

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