Lane Tables Medical Marijuana Moratorium

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Board of Commissioners voted not to move forward with a moratorium on medical marijuana facilities.

Nearly two dozen people addressed Lane County commissioners Tuesday. Not one was for the moratorium.

The common theme was if you put a moratorium in place you’re forcing people to turn to the black market for their meds.

Medical marijuana patients told commissioners they still need their drugs and they just want to get them safely. A Dexter resident looking to put a dispensary up in an unincorporated part of Lane County told commissioners he would be out of lot of money he’s already invested if they took this vote.

“If this happens, where will I be since I applied and paid my $4,000 to the Oregon Health Authority and did all my paperwork got the security system almost ready,” he said.

There wasn’t anyone to second, moving forward with a third reading on the moratorium so commissioners voted to table it.

This essentially means they won’t put this into place because the deadline is May 1, and they would need to move forward with the third reading, if they were going to enact it.

After the tabling, many in the audience clapped.

We should note this was just a Lane County decision. Cities have until May 1 to decide if they want the moratorium, and many in our area have implemented them.

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