Large Wildfires Continue to Burn in Eastern Oregon

BASQUE, Ore. — Firefighters are working to contain five large wildfires in Oregon.

The largest fire in the state is the Longdraw, located in the southeast corner of the state.  This fire started on Sunday when lightning struck the area.  It has since grown to 290,000 acres. The fire is currently zero percent contained; firefighters will continued to hold and improve existing fire lines and watch for spot fires on Wednesday.

If traveling in this area, expect delays on Highway 95 south into Nevada as pilot cars are leading traffic through the smoky area.

Just east of the Longdraw fire is the Miller Homestead fire, also started by lightning on Sunday. This fire has grown to 45,000 acres and is proving difficult for firefighters due to the rocky terrain and quick changing winds. One abandoned structure was burned Tuesday.

For the latest on these wildfires click here.

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