Last Day of Toy Distribution

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — The early blast of winter weather was tough on everyone especially on Toys for Tots collection. Organizers say it’s been a busy and worrisome distribution weekend for them, because each day they were concerned they wouldn’t have all they wanted and needed to serve the families in our community this year.

Down at the Cottage Grove fire house, the line of parents formed well before the doors opened.

Mom of seven, Cara Canaday, says, “We got here at 8 o’clock and waited for about three hours, but it was worth it.”

Organizers weren’t surprised. They say about 400 families showed up last year and they expected even more this year, which is why they were feeling a bit nervous.

“The weather kind of hurt us. But it is what it is. You adapt. You overcome and you make this happen regardless,” said Ssgt. Thadd Pooler and Toys for Tots Coordinator.

But many parents said they had nothing to fear.

“There’s never concern. Toys for Tots has been there for us for three years and running now and they’ve always done a fantastic job. We’ve never walked out disappointed at all, ever,” says Canaday.

Fellow parent Brittney Postell says, “It’s what I could get that counts. I am so excited about all this, but even one little thing would have been awesome”

They were just grateful for the chance to shop and give their kids the Christmas they couldn’t do on their own.

Postell says, “They’re gonna be stoked. I mean they’re gonna be so excited. This made their christmas.”

Canaday says, “They’re gonna be so excited. I mean it’s a teddy bear. Who wouldn’t love a teddy bear?”

Distribution also continued Sunday in Springfield and Oakridge families had their chance on Saturday. Organizers say they expect to serve more than 5,000 children this year throughout lane county.

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