Last-Minute Shoppers Flood Mall

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EUGENE, Ore. — Holiday shopping is down to the wire now. On Saturday, with only two days left till Christmas, the clock was ticking to get gifts under the tree come Christmas morning.

It was a busy scene everywhere you looked at the Valley River Center Mall Saturday as folks hurried about trying to snag those perfect presents just in time for the holidays.

If the mall was a castle, the rows of car around it would be a moat.

Last-minute shopper Barbara Phipps said, “It’s pretty congested out there.”

Some folks drove in circles several times before finding a spot to park.

“I had to go pretty far out and I parked all the way in the boonies,” said shopper Sally Cutting.

Others got lucky.

Phipps said, “Parking was not a real problem, because I saw somebody pulling out.”

Inside the mall, it wasn’t much different. The aisles were filled with shoppers.

Mall employee Chantel Chambers said, “The week before Christmas is really crazy. We have a lot of business.”

It was like trying to part the Red Sea to make it to every store. Some didn’t even bother.

“I’m not even gonna go into the mall, because I have the gift cards,” said Phipps.

But there were many who chose to brave the heavy shopping waters.

Young last-minute shopper Evelyn Razo said, “We came here to buy presents for my mom.”

“We just came through here and it’s just a madhouse. Just trying to get stuff done and waiting in long lines,” said shopper Angie Buzo.

Cutting said, “Normally, I don’t even come near the mall this time of year.”

Despite the holiday hoopla, several shoppers remained in good spirits in order to give their family and friends the royal treatment.

“I was so tired of being in the house and the bad weather, that I decided to come out and I’m having a good time,” said Cutting.

“Procrastination is the key and it gets you all hyped up and excited. If you wait till the last second, you can kind of ping off the energy of everyone else that’s waited, so it makes it that much more exciting,” said shopper Eileen Fonseca.

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