Last-Minute Travelers Line Up for Fuel

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Folks hitting the road on Saturday were definitely not alone. About 26.7% of the U.S. population was right along side them this holiday season.

Gas stations in town were filled with drivers fueling up to get to their desired destinations. As to why they waited and how it was going, the responses varied.

“I had to stay behind and keep working…but I made it through Seattle and Tacoma with no traffic. It was nice,” said Washington resident Mark Zollitsch.

“We actually left Thursday…and it’s been pretty miserable. I-5 was closed twice on the way up,” said Shane Evans, who was driving up from the Bay Area in California.

Local Sydni Black, who was on her way to Grants Pass, said, “It’s been really snowy over the pass and this is the first day it’s been really clear.”

A total of 93.3 million Americans are expected to do some year-end traveling. This is up 1.6% from last year.

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