Last Weekend For Xmas Tree Sales

EUGENE, Ore. —   With Christmas just a couple days away, it’s coming down to the wire for people who are still looking to buy a tree.

Some Christmas tree lots have already closed up shop, but many others will welcome customers until Christmas Eve.

The Hartsell family has been running Christmas tree lots for more than a decade. They say this year’s sales were pretty average.

They’re already starting to tear down some of their lot, but they’re always prepared for the procrastinators.

“We still sell 15 trees probably, on Christmas Eve,” says Avary Hartsell, Co-Owner of Hartsell Trees, “So, we normally try to keep a few extras just for the last-minute.”

Hartsell says a lot of last-minute shoppers wait for the lower prices.

“Mainly folks trying to get deals cutting costs a little bit. And I guess if you wait until the last day and you’re trying to cut costs, that’s fine with us,” says Hartsell.

Hartsell says many of the tree lot owners are friends, so they pool together at the end of the season, to try to make sure all of the trees are sold by Christmas.

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