Late Spring Snow Falls on Mountain Passes

WILLAMETTE PASS, Ore. — The unofficial start to summer got off to a chilling start.

Some folks woke up Friday morning to three inches of snow at Willamette Pass.

People living in the area say the weather in the region can be pretty unpredictable.

So despite being so close to June and summer, many weren’t surprised by the sudden snowfall.

The snow covered the streets, signs and just about everywhere you looked.

Just last week, it was near 70 degrees outside.

The change was disappointing to many so close to the three-day weekend, but not exactly unexpected.

For many, the late spring snow was completely normal.

Residents say they did in fact have snow in July last year.

Willamette Pass wasn’t the only area to get blanketed, Mount Bachelor got seven inches in the last 24 hours.

Many people we spoke with said they do enjoy the snow. They just preferred that it come down during an appropriate season.

That said, many are hoping this is the last time they see white before winter.

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