Laurelwood Golf Could Change Hands

By Kelsey Card

EUGENE, Ore. — The contract at Laurelwood Golf Course could change hands at the end of the year.

For the past year and a half, the vendors who have a contract with the city to operate and maintain the property have complained that their expenses outweigh their revenue, and they’ve had to reduce staff and services to make ends meet.

The city says the vendors, part of Market Property, have continually asked for more money, in additional subsidies.

Eugene managers are saying no, at least for now. They notified the two parties that the contract will not be renewed.

At this point the city is looking for other options. It will open up a request for proposals in June.

“The existing vendor can certainly bid for the contract and ask for additional subsidy within that. But in this manner we can look at whether a mix of vendors would all feel that they’d need additional subsidy,” said Eugene Parks and Open Space Director, Johnny Medlin.

The city made the decision to end the contract about three months ago.

The RFP will open in June and close in early fall.

The contract with market properties will be in effect until December of this year.

The city says they’ve already spoken with potential bidders.

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