Law Enforcement Trains on Drift Boats

ROGUE VALLEY, Ore. — Marine Law Enforcement personnel from around the state will cover the Rogue River next week. The group will participate in intense drift boat training.

Training will focus on boat handling skills in rapids, white water rescue techniques, and boater and river guide compliance with boating regulations.

“Extremely variable flows and inexperience are two big factors that get folks into trouble,” says Dale Flowers, Law Enforcement Training Coordinator for the Marine Board.

Flowers says that drift boat operations on a hazardous river gives the opportunity to experience the same conditions as the people they protect.

“This training is one of a kind in the country because of the one on one student/teacher ratio, during the most active time of the year for boaters,” Flowers adds.

Coordinators say drift boating takes practice, and for law enforcement to respond to emergencies or other conflicts quickly, a high degree of skill is required

The drift boat training takes place July 21-27.

For more information about the Marine Law Enforcement Program, click here. http://www.oregon.gov/OSMB/BoatLaws/Pages/index.aspx.

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