LCC Faces Budget Shortfall

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EUGENE, Ore. — As the economy improves, enrollment is going down at Lane Community College and it’s forcing school officials to make tough decisions about their budget.

LCC has a budget shortfall between $10.9 to $12.6 million. School officials say they have to balance the budget for next year and with decreasing enrollment, they have to make cuts.

President Mary Spilde says since the recession in 2008, LCC enrollment shot up 40 percent and they hired quite a few part time teachers to accommodate the growing student body but since then, class sizes have dwindled. They expect it to go down anywhere between 7 to 12 percent. That means the school could cut some part-time professors, classes, and services.

“We recognize that we have to have a balanced budget so we started this year by focusing on the number of classes we have to meet the demands of students,” said Spilde.

She says the board is meeting on April 28 to talk about some preliminary plans.

The budget committee is set to meet May 1 and should reach a balanced budget by the end of June. Spilde says LCC is planning for the worst but she’s optimistic about the future of the college.

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