LCC Holds Grand Opening Downtown

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EUGENE, Ore. — A project that lasted more than two years came to fruition Friday.

Lane Community College celebrated the grand opening of its downtown academic building.

The people behind this project say it’s been a long process but definitely a worthwhile one. They say they’re glad to be part of something that will greatly impact not just the student body but the city too.

People gathered in LCC’s new downtown campus academic building to celebrate.

“It’s great, really great. I was just saying how I’m almost forgetting the pit that used to be here,” said Kitty Piercy, Eugene Mayor.

Not long ago, the floor beneath their feet was nothing more than dirt. In its place stands the new building that speaker after speaker say is so much more than that.

“It’s just so exciting and amazing to be at this point to open this building and sharing it with the community. It is a long road, but this is really a product that is a result of collaboration with partnership with many many people in our community,” said Mary Spilde, LCC President.

The symbol of sustainabilty and partnership is one that the city says it’s grateful for.

“I have to say they were the catalyst, I believe, irrevocably, the catalyst for the reinvigoration for our downtown,” Piercy said.

The school’s decision to move into the area was soon mirrored by others, bringing in $200 million worth of investments.

“That’s good news in terms of jobs, good news in terms of employment, and it’s good news in having the kind of downtown we can all enjoy no matter what part of the city we’re from,” Piercy said.

But this project isn’t just about changing the face of downtown or our local economy, it’s about providing students with quality education.

“We’re grateful to have a community that’s investing in our education, and that’s important to us,” said LCC student Anayeli Jimenez.

While LCC held the grand opening Friday, classes started back in January.

After the speeches, guests were invited to take a self-guided tour through each floor.

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