LCC Housing Changes Management

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EUGENE, Ore. — The new Lane Community College apartment complex downtown is undergoing a change in management.

The newly built Titan Court just had its grand opening in September, but as of right now, less than half of the available beds are filled.

The project started in a conversation with Jon Ruiz, the city manager of Eugene, LCC President Mary Spilde said. That was about 4 years ago. Less than two years ago, the project broke ground. Just a few months ago, the six-floor building welcomed its new tenants.

The building has 255 beds for any student in the area to rent out, not just those attending Lane, but right now only about 90 are being used.

Those numbers, along with the current property management company deciding to move on, had some wondering whether this mostly publicly funded $20 million project was a smart decision after all.

“Lane has a long history of being good stewards of public money. I think we’ve proven that over our almost 50-year history. This is not a concern to us that we’re making this transition,” Spilde said.

So what about the residents? Posts on the building Facebook page noted days without the amenities they were paying for.

“That was a growing pain in the beginning, but there are multiple parties involved…all parties though regardless of what it is, I have seen respond quickly to getting it resolved. It’s just an ironing out of the kinks,” said resident Kevin Loder.

So why then did the original company, Blanton Turner, decide to step away?

“I really decided that I needed to focus more on what we’re doing in Seattle, and I needed and they needed to know that Titan Court was getting the focus it deserved, because it’s a great project,” said Barry Blanton, Blanton Turner Management Co-Founder.

The group says lack of profitability had nothing to do with its decision to turn the project over. From the residents to the management, everyone has high hopes for the future of the building.

Lane Community College representatives say the building is still a good investment and like most investments, it will take some time to really see some returns.


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  1. Mike says:

    Sorry to see LCC not able to fill its new student housing project or even reach 50% occupancy. Unfortunately, it was a very expensive real estate deal that should never have been built by the college and using public monies was, in my humble opinion, misguided and irresponsible. There are private student housing developers across the nation “tripping over themselves” to build student housing in Eugene even today in what appears to already be an “overbuilt” market–why spend public monies on “premium” housing for students when private developers will gladly meet the market demand? My advice to LCC (which I have much respect for as an academic institution but not so much as a housing developer) is to focus on what you do very well (education) and try with determined diligence to sell your project before the “floor completely drops out” of the local student housing market. At that point, not only will the College continue to subsidize and be unable to fill beds, but have to drop rents as well…

  2. Joe Cline says:

    Could it be the price of these apartments? They are sky high. Why do schools try to rip off students? Is it because they get financial aid and the school wants to get as much of that as possible. And since this was publicly funded, should the rent be cheaper? If the project fails it is because of GREED! $875 for a studio apartment, $1140 for a 2 bedroom, $2480 for a 4 bedroom? When did Eugene turn into new york? Get a clue I can rent a 4 bedroom house for less than the 2 bedroom apartment.

  3. Antoinette says:

    I agree about the rent being way to high, especially since they are shared dorm apartments. I also think they have not filled their 250 beds because it is not even completed. I personally would not like to live in a constant construction zone while going to school. Also, I don’t think that LCC realizes how many families or even single parents attend LCC and U of O, you cannot live in a dorm with a baby!

  4. conspiracyzach says:

    Location…location…location……..not desirable

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