LCC Instructor Analyzes Debate

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EUGENE, Ore. — A political science instructor from Lane Community College says one candidate clearly came out stronger Thursday night–Vice President Joe Biden.

We called on LCC political science instructor Steve Candee to sit down with KEZI 9 News and watch the debate.

The instructor says despite criticism on social networking sites, he thinks Biden’s gestures and big smile came off as natural, but that wasn’t Biden’s only strength.

“Not be to policy specific not be to wonky to relate to people on a very personal level — you know talking –frequently he would look to the camera and talk to seniors or the middle class,” Candee said.

Candee adds Biden’s weaknesses included being hesitant or flustered when it came to some of the policy specifics.

As for Ryan, Candee says the candidate’s face has a boyish charm to it that people can respond to.

“I think he probably did better in terms of his reactions to Biden’s comments than the vice president did in response to Congressman Ryan’s in terms of the facial expressions and laughing and smiling.”

Ryan’s weaknesses, the instructor says, included a tendency to be evasive on specific questions that the moderator asked him.

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