LCC Plans for Campus Renovations

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane Community College is ready to shed some light on campus and do some major renovation.

School administrators say the $35 million budget and timetable for the project will be discussed at Wednesday night’s board meeting.

Students say the building is ready for a makeover and staff are excited to get it going.

When they’re not in class, LCC students say they’re most likely in the center building.

“I eat lunch here and the library’s upstairs, so I spend a lot of time here,” said student Danea Swartout.

“I eat lunch here and it’s fairly nice,” said student Luke Burch.

But fairly nice doesn’t quite cut it at the moment for these students.

“It gets kind of crowded,” Swartout said.

“More light would be nice. Be cool to see,” Burch said.

Administrators are ready to give students more light and space–about $35 million worth. The bond and LCC Foundation money will help bring this 1960s design up to date.

“The building right now is really rigid and firm and doesn’t have an inviting feel to it, and I think students are just going to have a wonderful experience inside there after it’s been transformed,” said Todd Smith, Bond Project Manager.

“It’s a good idea. This building is pretty old and boring looking, so I think it’ll be a good idea and the new change for students here,” Swartout said.

Smith says plans for the building include making it more spacious for students to gather, bringing the bookstore to the main level, and improving the layout of the cafeteria.

“I think it’s going to transform the building into a place where the students want to gather and get together and learn outside the classroom,” Smith said.

But first things first, crews will knock down the terraces and walkway to brighten up everyone’s day.

“Well, they’re ugly and they make everything darker, so I think it’ll be good when they knock those down. Make everybody happier,” Swartout said.

Smith says if the board approves what’s on the agenda Wednesday night, demolition will start next month and the projected completion date for the four-story building will be near the end of 2015.

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