LCSO Finds Missing Woman

EUGENE, Ore. — The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says a missing Eugene woman was found safe Sunday.

Deputies say Natasha Wilburn, 20, was camping with friends and didn’t notify her family.

Wilburn’s mother reported her missing a week ago. The mother is caring for Wilburn’s toddler and said it’s unusual for her to be out of contact.


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  1. Tamera Clark says:

    I’m very happy that this had a happy ending. Perhaps a lesson to her that she be a bit more responsible in telling someone where she is going to be. As a parent, I don’t care how old my children are, I will always worry about them – especially if something out of the ordinary occurs!

  2. Ahshucks says:

    Just another 20 year old with no brains or care of anybody but herself.

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