LCSO Gets Armored Vehicles

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EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County sheriff’s deputies have been using military vehicles at some crime scenes.

Just last week, the LCSO executed three search warrants using the vehicles.

The sheriff’s office says it’s had the vehicles for a couple of years now, but people have begun taking notice of them out at crime scenes.

The sheriff’s office obtained five multi-purpose wheeled vehicles and one armored vehicle through a loan program. One vehicle, also known as a REVA, is one of only 10 in the country, and it was obtained based on need.

Lane County qualified because of its high crime rate coupled with a low officer to resident ratio. Any upkeep and maintenance comes from drug seizure money.

So far officers have used them on high-risk search warrants involving people with weapons charges, a barricaded suspect, and even shots fired calls.

“It’s a huge safety for us because we just don’t have the number of staff anymore, and even if we did have a larger number of staff, this still provides that extra margin of safety for us,” said Sgt. Chris Doyle, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies say they’ve also been used for search and rescue operations along with flooding. For instance, if deputies have to go through deep flooding or even deep snow, those vehicles have much a higher success rate.

The local National Guard has also assisted with some routine maintenance to help keep costs down.


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  1. Thank You says:

    I was stuck in the snow with trees down around me. I called for help and was told the rescue people were trying to figure out where i was how to get to me. About half an hour later, a Humvee and 2 deputies cut me out and pulled my truck from the ditch. I took several pictures and then they drove off like it was nothing. I’m very thankful for those machines, THEY’RE AMAZING!!!!!

    1. jason marks says:

      glad tax dollars helped you personally.

  2. Greg says:

    aAs much of a tool as these are i agree with having them, On the other side of the coin goes this, With budget cut’s Who’s going to use these vehicles. There’s probably 2 vehicles for each officer at this rate.

  3. Mike Settles says:

    We were forced to use these vehicles in Afghanistan: They are NOT off-road capable! (They get stuck rather quickly.) The high center-of-gravity, the weight, the width, all make for a machine which works well only on all-weather improved roads. They are constructed to save their crews from IEDs – which they do very well. Machine guns and firing ports aside, they are lowsy combat vehicles for conventional conflict.
    Great for paramilitary SWAT ops, though – expect to see more and more showing up for routine warrant-serving and patrols.

    For mobility purposes, HMMWVs are better by far.

  4. Linda Center says:

    I’m curious about the budget impact because the confiscated drug money could be used to support jail beds – as we turn out convicts daily. Maybe that’s why we have a high crime rate, no teeth, no bite, no pain in the law to stop offenders. Seems like this is a little over the top for Eugene.

  5. Doc Hunter says:

    Too bad we won’t have the Deputy’s on staff to use them. They sure aren’t the ideal patrol vehicle for normal highway use but have their place and use.

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