Leaburg Fish Hatchery Signs Stolen

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LEABURG, Ore. — More than $2,000 in property was stolen from the Leaburg Fish Hatchery. Two freshly updated signs are now missing from the front entrance.

It’s been nearly two weeks since the signs were stolen and hatchery managers were still trying to figure out who did it and why on Monday.

The hatchery staff had recently refinished the more than a decade-old signs, even custom making the posts to match the new kiosks and hold them up proudly.

Staff members said they’re puzzled as to why anyone would steal the signs. They hope that anyone with information regarding any illegal activity will come forward.

“We do what we can to secure the facility, but it really comes down to the public keeping their ears and eyes open and helping us out, letting us know when there’s suspicious activity or they know that a crime has been committed,” said Erik Withalm, Hatchery Manager.

Anyone with information on the theft can contact the hatchery or Oregon State Police.

The hatchery is also reaching out to see if anyone in the community would be willing to help with getting a new sign or offer a reward for capturing the person or people responsible.

Hatchery managers say they don’t know what to do if this trend continues. One idea is to put up an entrance gate, but they want to make sure to maximize angler access as much as possible.

Whatever the plan may be, they want to ensure that they fulfill their mission to provide fish and access to the public.

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