Leadership Academy Students Progress

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Students are making great progress at the Willamette Leadership Academy, that’s the word from the school’s battalion commander.

The school gave its annual report to the Springfield School District Monday night. It says it’s seeing continuous growth in terms of retention and statistics.

“We have first sergeants who don’t let them get away with skipping; they have teachers who don’t let them get away with not turning in their work and we establish something that they don’t always get in public school and that is the opportunity to have pride,” said Battalion Commander Shannon Cheney, Willamette Leadership Academy.

The academy moved to Goshen last summer, allowing for about 100 more kids to attend bringing the total to about 270.

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  1. Delyn Spencer says:

    I feel it was unfair not to mention the middle school, located in the old Mohawk Elementary. The 2nd battalion commander, LTC Gerot, was present also. Because of the growth of Willamette Leadership we have broken into two battalions, with the high school, 1st Battalion remaining at Goshen.

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