League of Women Voters Measure 80 Forum

EUGENE, Ore. —  If passed, ballot Measure 80 could legalize marijuana here in Oregon. The League of Women Voters know it’s a topic that carries a lot of weight. Sunday they held an educational forum. About 50 members of the league came from all over the state to hear from Paul Stanford, chief petitioner and primary author of the bill, and a league member representing the opposition. In the hour long discussion they hashed out issues from how much money the state would save, access to the drug, to impacts on the economy.

“We’ve been going over this subject for years and years with no resolution. So we think that the measure should get some air and that the public should weigh in and learn more about the facts on both sides,” said Robin Wisdom, League of Women Voters President.

The author says the effort is supported by 37 percent of Oregon voters and that 22 percent are undecided.

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  1. ImpactsofMarijuana says:

    M8O would put Oregon out of compliance with the federal Drug Free Workplace Act, according to research done by the California Chambers of Commerce. Oregon could lose millions annually in federal aid and grants affecting schools, businesses and government contracts.

    M8O would permit the forming of a new 7 member State Agency designed to cultivate and sell marijuana in government operated stores throughout Oregon, with 5 of those seven members being elected solely by marijuana growers and processors

    Under M8O, Oregonians will see more Driving under the Influence of marijuana accidents, as where alcohol has an impairment BAC level, there is no defined THC impairment level in Measure 80.

    Studies have shown that expanded availability and perceived social acceptance will increase marijuana use among youth. Oregon currently has the nation’s third highest rate of marijuana use among youth, ages 12 – 17.5

    Mexican cartels are not in Oregon because their customer base is in Oregon they are in Oregon for the growing season. The cartels don’t work in a vacuum or on a market price theory. They go where they can grow it and distribute nation-wide where they can sell it.

    M8O would allow anyone 21 to grow marijuana anywhere – in a vacant lot near a school yard or in a house next door to you. A user could grow football fields of marijuana without any restrictions for personal use. With Measure 80 kids will be able to get it free from the new black market that will be created by all those 21 years and over, who will be allowed to grow unlimited amounts of marijuana. You call this regulation, this is a new unregulated black market that will grow, sell, and undercut the government pot store prices, as well as sell to other states illegally.

    How else do you think kids get booze and cigarettes that are underage?

    Black-market cigarettes costing NY $20M a month

    M8O prohibits any regulations and fees to grow Hemp with undefined THC levels, which is the primary psychoactive component of marijuana, posing the possibility that thousands of acres of rural farmland across Oregon could be bought up for the sole purpose of growing marijuana and hemp. Federal law currently prohibits the growth of hemp. Because the Hemp seeds would not be regulated seeds and starter plants could virtually be available at your local garden and plant nurseries, therefore leaving the door open for anyone to purchase including youth.

    The claim that millions will be gained from taxes is fantasy. It’s called “weed” for a reason: It is very easy to grow – in basements, homes, forests, and often with very little gardening. Since federal law trumps state law, it defies logic to think that someone would expose themselves to federal prosecution in order to be taxed for committing a federal crime.

    Marijuana still remains illegal under federal law. Thus, any locally imposed taxes are legally uncollectible because, according to case law, no one can be compelled to pay a tax that might subject them to prosecution by the federal government.

    With the support of Oregon’s District Attorneys, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, a personal use quantity, has not been a crime under Oregon law for nearly 40 years. No jail, no criminal record, and only the possibility of a fine. Even people convicted of possessing much larger amounts of marijuana get probation. No one is in an Oregon prison for simple possession of marijuana.

    It is a NO for Measure 80.

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