Leaves Changing Under Blue Sky

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A few trees may be changing color and many students are heading into “fall term” but we still have 17 days of summer left and at least the next four days will look like it!

The jet stream is staying well to the north of us, keeping warm air over the Pacific Northwest…high pressure is just off shore and this will keep our winds out of the north, which generally means dry, clear weather and on top of all that, warm air will start to move up from California. For the valley we’ll see high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s Wednesday through Friday. The Umpqua Basin will get close to 90 degrees by Friday, but the coast will continue to see the marine layer for most of the day, keeping temperatures in the 60s.

By Saturday the jet stream will be back on top of us and this will help to bring back on-shore flow, morning clouds and cooler temperatures. Saturday we’ll drop to the low to mid 80s and by Sunday it’ll be the upper 70s.

A weak front is tracking to move into southwest Washington and north Oregon Monday.  We’ll barley get clipped by this, so extra clouds and cooler temperatures will be all we have to write home about.

Have a great Wednesday!
Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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