Legislators Hold Town Hall

EUGENE, Ore. — A town hall meeting in Eugene Wednesday night focused on the priorities for this legislative session.

On hand was Representative Nancy Nathanson, House Majority Leader Val Hoyle and Senator Chris Edwards.

“It’s nice to get out of Salem and just be here at home in Eugene, its kind of refreshing really to talk to regular folks,” said Senator Edwards.

Dozens of people filled the Willamette High School cafeteria to share their thoughts. Those we talked with say lawmakers should be prioritize healthcare, campaign finance and education.

“I want to know how these people are going to vote on the new Governor’s package for the corrections system,” said Eugene resident Dorothy Holbrook.

“I am also concerned about cost. The cost from looking at my bills from my healthcare provider are ridiculous,” said Eugene resident Pennie Moblo

Senator Edwards also told the audience quote, “We don’t have enough people working and we have way to many high school dropouts.”

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