Legislators Receive One-of-a-Kind Gift

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon is the only state with a two-sided flag, the state seal on one side and the mighty beaver on the other.

Monday, during the legislature’s first session of the year, that flag provided a fitting metaphor.

Senate President Peter Courtney had individual mini state flags made for each House and Senate member as a reminder of the two-sided teamwork that contributes to a successful session, but Courtney’s gift was a hard one to come by.

As he found out, no company makes two-sided flags that small, so each of the 90 flags were hand made by prisoners in Pendleton.

Courtney hopes these one-of-a-kind symbols Courtney hopes will inspire law-makers this session.

“This session, let the two-sided flag Oregon flag be a reminder to listen to all sides of each issue, to engage members from both parties, and remember that it takes both chambers to make the legislation process complete and work,” Courtney said.

Once finished, the state flags turned out to be heavier than the American flags, so the inmates also hand carved stands for the novelties.

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