Lenders Discuss Housing Market Changes

6-19 HOME LOAN PICEUGENE, Ore. — Eugene lenders and realtors met Thursday to talk about new loan programs and changes to the housing market.

Eighteen lenders had booths set up at the Valley River Inn, hosted by Sierra Pacific Mortgage.

A major point of discussion was the amount of time has changed to get a new loan, if you file bankruptcy.

There’s also been a change in short sales. If you put 20 percent down, you can buy a new house in two years.

They also talked about loan programs for injured veterans.

“They can buy a house, and then they will get a grant from the VA–and a grant doesn’t have to be paid back–where they can go in put ramps in, do special additions to the house and the bathroom, make the doors wider,” said Larry Balding, Sierra Pacific Mortgage.

The injured veterans loan pays up to $67,000.

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