Cooler By Next Week

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton‘s Daily Forecast Discussion:  

A hazy end to our weekend forecast as southwest winds above the surface have been pulling up smoke from the wildfires burning in Northern California and Southern Oregon making a smokey but spectacular sunset for tonight. The smoke should clear some tonight as the air settles and we’ll fall down into the mid 50s again for overnight lows.

Tomorrow starts the transition to some cooler afternoons even though highs will get into the upper 80s and near 90, winds aloft will switch to more of a westerly influence. By Tuesday, that will return the morning clouds to the valleys and should provide a bit of a cooler Pacific mixture into our hot forecast. Meaning that highs will slowly cool off into the mid 80s by late next week. However, there’s no movement in the dry department. In fact, the high pressure ridge will rebuild over Western Canada through the weekend, so lots more sunshine throughout the week.

Have a great Monday!

- Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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