Letter Carriers Collected Canned Foods

5-10 letter carrier driveEUGENE, Ore. — Door to door letter carriers drop off mail on their routes. But Saturday, they were also picking up bags of canned foods during the National Association of Letter Carrier’s Food Drive. “This is the largest one day national food drive. It was started actually here in Eugene,” said Chris NesSmith, letter carrier.

For NesSmith, his job is about more than just delivering mail, it’s about being a part of the community. “One great thing about being a letter carrier is when you’re in an established neighborhood you get to know the people on your route and you take a sense of pride in not only the community’s well being, but just in their well being,” said NesSmith.

Which is why putting food on the tables of families in Eugene is so important. “We have this food drive and all the food goes to the local area that’s collected and it’s just a really good way for us to be able to give in yet another way to our community,” said NesSmith.

After letter carriers finished filling up their mail trucks full of canned goods, volunteers from Food for Lane County unpacked and boxed up all the food to send it off to Food For Lane County to be sorted and given to families in need.

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