Letter Carriers Food Drive Saturday

EUGENE, Ore. — Local postal carriers will be doing some extra work this Saturday collecting the food donations you leave out for them.

This Saturday, Dec. 1 is one of Food for Lane County’s largest fundraisers–The Letter Carriers Food Drive.

You’ll need to put the non-perishable food items in a bag and leave them by your mailbox.

“Last year we did about 150,000 pounds over the two Saturdays. This year we’re hoping for 160,000 pounds, and that’s just because the need is not going away,” said Dawn Marie Woodward, Food for Lane County spokesperson.

If you can’t leave food out this Saturday, carriers will also pick up your donations the next Saturday on Dec. 8.

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  1. Robert says:

    Yeah, helping the less advantaged ONCE a year is really helping! What about the other 364 days a y ear!

    Na, this is a feel good act for those who feel guilty because they don’t really care nor do they do anything.

    How about putting up a homeless person in your home for a week? Can you imagine if everyone in Eugene would do something like that. There would be no one homeless…

    My family has been doing that since I was a little boy and now my family does it.

    No, its just too close to home to harbor a homeless or disadvantaged person in your own home, now isn’t it…

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