Letter Carriers Get Ready for Food Drive

EUGENE, Ore. — Food for Lane County volunteers are in the final stages of preparing for this weekend’s annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive.

The drive takes place each year across the country, but it started in Eugene.

To donate, people can place food in a bag and leave it outside for mail carriers to pick up on Saturday.

Any food items are accepted as long as they’re not in glass jars, which can break.

“We are looking for high protein items, so tuna, chicken, soups and stews with meat in them, and anything that’s low sugar or low sodium would be a great contribution to this drive,” said Alicia Hines, Food for Lane County.

The food bank hopes to collect 125,000 pounds of food.

Organizers say donations go down in the summer, so this food will keep the shelves full until fall.

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